April 26, 2013

Can I bother you for 2 clicks?

If you are on Facebook can I ask a favor for a vote.......

You remember my last post--My Anthropology Knock Off Dresser?

Well I entered it in a before/after makeover contest--and yesterday I was informed that I have made it to the top 3!! Now Facebook friends can vote to pick the top before and after project....
The link is below and be sure to CLICK on the picture of my makover on the left and "like" it-in order for a "like" to count for my project it has to be under my pictures--not the original post...Thanks so much.....fingers crossed!!
Oh and while you are there....check out BB Home Shop- The Vintage Marketplace at Glenwood's page--I think you will really like it!!

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  1. You did a fabulous job on this dresser! I actually got to pick the features for MMS's FFF post this week and I pinned it to my Pinterest board I linked to in the post. My vanity is one of the top 3 in the before/after BB Home Shop contest too!


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