January 28, 2013

Front room to dining room....

In the past one of my favorite room has been my front room...

Across from this chair is a couch that divides the room from the dining room....and an ottoman in front of the couch.....BUT....every time I had a large family meal I would have to move all the furniture and bring in two tables for the day....

So I started thinking...really...how much do we use this room?? Most of our down time is spent in the family room....

So over the holidays I started shopping for a dining room table...at first I wanted to have my husband make me one.....but I KNEW it would be a L O N G time before he had the right amount of time to devote to such a special project........so I started searching and found a couple from Restoration Hardware and  Pottery Barn......but I needed to see them all in person...

So I called the Chicago Restoration Hardware's to see if any of them had the ones I liked on display and the same call went out to Pottery Barn...Each store was very accommodating..so off we went.....While the Pottery Barn rustic tables were BEAUTIFUL -- they were just a bit large for my new dining room....So I went with the Restoration  Hardware Boulangerie Table....this was an all day process...Trying all the different chairs with the table...back and forth and back and forth....and our sales person was AWESOME!!

Delivery time was perfect.....and so now we no longer have this...

We have this.....

Looove the nail head upholstered chairs.....they are in a linen color... and the 
side chairs.....want to hug them everyday!! Best part--everything was on sale...

The new shelves are reclaimed wood pieces from our property..... I love the uneven wood stains on them....more on them later....and the table....it is one of the unfinished reclaimed wood tables from Restoration Hardware .....being unfinished I was worried about spills and stains..so.....I researched and found a product to seal the wood and protect it from stains and spills...sort of important for a dining table --right?   So now I am busy trying to find the right table center pieces....table runners...all of the fun stuff..and loving the new table, chairs, shelves, little dry sink.....I still walk past the room and smile...and can't believe it is in my house..oh and up next? hardwood floors for that room!!


  1. I love that new long table in front of the fireplace. Love the chairs and shelves as well. Will you make a little seating area in the old dining room. It makes alot of sense to use rooms the way your family needs them.

    1. Debby--it is so ironic that you asked about a little seating area--that is exactly what i did..will share pics soon!!

  2. Love every bit of that ironstone. Your every nook and cranny is perfect and I would just be beside myself to have so much room for a farm table. Love it!

    1. Bonnie--my old dining room --VERY small--could only fit a round 4 seat pedistal table...so this was our front room--and i decided the best use would be a farm table for our family dinners--all of my children are married so it is just me and my husband in the house--so have 2 living areas was just wasted space to me..so good bye front room and hello dining room! thanks for sharing your comments--and yes--I LOVE old ironstone also....cna get some great buys at auctions.....chris

  3. Looks amazing! you did a great job!


  4. thanks for visiting my blog. this dining room looks great. those chairs were on my list of ideas. very nice

  5. hi - I love the table! would love to know which finish you got and what you used to protect it - and finally, did it make the table darker when you protected it?
    Thanks for all of the useful info!

    1. Laure --
      Our table had the salvaged natural and yes---it darkened a lot--and love it!!! We bought monocoat-here is their link-

  6. Hoping you can give me an update on how this table is doing. Love the look and want to get one myself, but I'm concerned about the long-term wear on it since I've read such negative reviews on how RH tables stain and warp. Thoughts on this now that you've had it a while?


..thanks for taking the time to comment.....I appreciate your feedback....