October 7, 2013

Market on Moss..

Last Spring a group of local DIY'ers got together and discussed the idea of starting a "french style" market in our area....One of the women in our group offered her lawn as the venue...now this is not your typical yard....as you would guess...it can hold over 30 vendors....and hence "Market on Moss" was born....
This is our logo-hand painted by Jan Powers-who also happens to own the home where our Market is held.  We use this for our posters that we place around town and on our flyer's......

I cannot believe the response we have had for our little event...and the attendance increases each time.  This was our 4th Market--and we had lines blocks long waiting to get in..We had well over 3,500 visitors at our Fall Market on Moss two weeks ago....We do a Spring and Fall event....

I  will let the pictures do the talking....oh..and yes--our French Chef returned to make his wonderful crepes!

And now I am picking the pieces I want to do for our Spring event......


  1. This looks like fun! I'll have to remember for next time. I live in Plainfield, not to far away......

    1. Kelly you would love it!! Hope you can make it next time and please come up and say hi!

  2. fun pictures! what a great sale!


    1. Thanks Gail! Good luck with your upcoming sale....share pictures!!


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