October 17, 2010

Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace surround removed and ready to start! This was Friday night about 7 p.m. Very excited to get started!!
IMG_6119_edited-1 I did not use a primer on the bricks-I used a semi-gloss latex paint with a very fluffy roller to get between the bricks.  Now as I look at the pics I am thinking....it did not go this fast in REAL TIME!  
IMG_6120_edited-1 I think this was the point I decided--I think I might like this!
IMG_6122_edited-1 I did 2 complete coats with a touch up after the first  coat for the bricks that seemed a little gray still. This was about midnight Friday night......Saturday morning was one more coat.....and....
IMG_6130_edited-1 Now for the surround.  Tape off the glass all the way around with painters tape and then add newspaper….
Now it is ready for the primer.  I used a primer and a rust preventer prior to spray painting…
It looks really good! Now I just have to reattach it to the fireplace…..but that is for tomorrow.  I also need to find a cabinet to put all the TV and DVD and CD Bose system components in…I want an older one that I can paint and antique and take off the back to run the wires out...Also—the mantel is being replaced with a great antique wooden beam we are picking up with some barn siding and we will hide all wires behind or in the mantel……..lots-o-projects!!


  1. wooohoooo! It's coming together nicely! I love the new look.

  2. Not sure we will even recognize your house after all this is done! Love it! ;0)


  3. excited to see the end result!

    Just wanted to let you know I've featured your blog on my inspiration board this week!

  4. omg, it looks so good white! -amy


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