December 1, 2012

Gilding Wax--Fear no more!

I have always loved the simple, subtle look of vintage gold flecks haphazardly showing through old paint finishes.....I was working on a piece for a customer and she was looking for that vintage look on a really cool frame she asked me to paint.  After going to my arsenal of goodies to get the color of  the frame just know that vintage old white, ironstone, shutter greyish ...oops--left one out --paris grey, light wax, followed by antique dark wax look.....the color was achieved and then....

I pulled out the gilding wax and brush...I used both my finger and the brush to apply and I LOVED the results......Gilding wax is very forgiving--if you have the right supplies....If I felt an area did not look natural I would wax over it and start over.....Pictures of a frame are not the easiest for me--Goal--for you to see the depth in the paint color and the subtle gilding really plays with the gold...think I will be using this look on some larger pieces--really, really like it......see for yourself....

I purchased my wax on line from Stylish Patina--and one container will last a VERY long time--the color I selected was King Gold....The grey and gold really compliment one to jot down that paint color and how I achieved it for future projects...because I am liking this look!!

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