July 27, 2011

Vintage Oars and other finds from vacation......

I went to my favorite antique shop in Minocqua looking for some old, vintage boat oars....I had spied a few a couple weeks ago--but they were $35.00 a piece....not happening.....I ended up with these.....Their color and wear are perfect for what I want them for.....and their price $2.00 a piece!! SCORE!!
 I have 3 Pottery Barn oars that I have displayed on a wall-but I want to keep 2 of them on either side of our television above our fireplace (below).....so I needed the new 2 to replace those on the wall...

I also picked up 2 baskets-

And some cool old number stamps....

Now I just need to figure out where those new goodies will go......I think I see a booth in a local antique mall in my  future or an Etsy shop!


  1. Great finds! They will be fun accents around the house. The oars were an amazing price!

  2. The oars are fun and for a wonderful price.

  3. Great finds Chris! I just left a comment over at meridian road about how jamie loves the hunt, but has no place to put it all, so that's why she opened a booth! :)


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