June 8, 2011

The Reveal……Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint Vintage Secretary

After another coat of wax and a bit of polishing…..I brought her inside…..The darker wax I used for shadowing really blended well with the chalk paint…..


I used Fiddes and Sons Wax--Light and Rugger Brown as suggested by Miss Mustard Seed here on her blog on waxes-check it out here--http://missmustardseed.blogspot.com/2011/03/waxes-101.html  I used a separate brush for each color—The larger white circular brush in the front  of the picture is a Annie Sloan wax brush—I used this for the light colored wax-as I covered the entire piece –small areas at a time - with the light wax…This brush is a little slice of HEAVEN!!  Spreads the wax like warm butter on a bun!!   I used a much smaller round brush for the darker wax  (purchased at a Sherwin Williams paint store for about $5.00) and wiped off the excess on a rag before applying it---after a couple tries I found using a small area on the tip of the brush worked best….I also found that covering the darker wax with the lighter color really blends the wax into the chalk paint—giving it a very even, smooth, blended color…..
I decided to go with very simple, small, black knobs-(purchased at Menards for about $3.00 a piece) because the piece itself is not large and I did not want the knobs to be over-whelming… AS promised my project review--
Project Review:
  1. Started the project with Gorilla Glue—gluing the sides and drawers back together…
  2. Used Annie Sloan’s Old White Chalk Paint-you usually do not need to prime with this paint-but due to the extreme stain on this piece I ended up priming…then painting…
  3. After painting I sanded down to the wood-very easy to do with this paint.  Be sure to start out with a small amount of pressure to test out the amount of pressure needed…..it comes off VERY easy—like chalk….
  4. I waxed using the lighter color first-and the darker color over it….be sure to use the light wax first-that enables you to manipulate your darker wax to the color/tone you want.   
  5. I applied another coat of wax and buffed to bring out a bit of a soft shine…..
This paint is so easy to use-add water if too thick-leave lid off if it needs to thicken….when covering with a coat of  wax the paint ages before your eyes to a smooth, creamy, vintage  look……You can buff it out a bit, darken it with the darker wax, lighten it back up….it really is very easy to work with and if you are like me your projects take on a life of their own once you get started…which is what makes this so enjoyable to work it—very easy to manipulate into what you want…once you see what look you are going for!
Now for some before shots…..She was pretty rough…….
and what do we pull out to put them back together??
Gorilla Glue!!!IMG_8032
But as we all know-after the glue, paint, sanding, wax……..it is all worth it…..

And now…off to the next project….but before that starts--I am linking up to


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  1. whoa! she was rough!, but she looks fabulous now!
    great job!

  2. Turned out gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the inspiration, xo Debra

  3. Great turnaround for that old beauty!


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  5. Looks beautiful!! I want one now! :-)

  6. It turned out beautiful. I love how you refinished it.

  7. What a transformation! It is beautiful!

    Thanks for linking up at my weekly Chalk Paint linky party!


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