July 27, 2011

Great Vacation Spot! Minocqua Wisconsin

If any of you are looking for a tiny vacation town that time has seemed to pass by--look no further...
Perfect family vacation spot-----Minocqua Wisconsin.  
We rent cabins on Lake Minocqua each summer-and jet ski's and boats for the week also....The downtown is walking distance from most areas and every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday there is a ski show in the downtown area featuring the Mini Aqua Bats-a ski group made up of very talented teenagers that summer in Minocqua or are locals..
This is a try-out ski team and they are VERY talented........and offer a great free ski show!

Here is our vacationing group from this year--from left to right--my brother-in-law of 30 years, my son and his wife, me, my nephew with my grandson in from of us, my daughter, her hubby and my sister...
This evening I am taking pictures of some of my finds I picked up from Minocqua....I had been looking for some vintage paddles/oars that would not cost me a boatload of cash...the first ones I found at a sale a few weeks ago were $35.00 a piece--too rich for my blood...wait till you see what I found!
more on those tonight....until then.....
a few more lake shots....i love vacations!

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  1. Hello ,
    We are in the same neck of the woods I live in Geneseo Il. Not far from you. Funny thing is we have a tiny A-frame we share with other family members in Minocqua. We made a short trip up for the first time last week. I am not sure when our next trip is but if you have any "good eats" places or good shopping tips let me know. I am a self trained redecorator and I love flea markets and antique-junk shopping. Melinda
    fourms@mchsi.com I can't post -- only on anonymous


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