November 13, 2010

Antiquing in Texas Part 1 Show and Tell Antiques Waco, Texas

If  I  realized anything on this trip to Texas it was that the people are as interesting and enjoyable as the antiques and finds….First stop—Show and Tell Antiques – Waco Texas-This turn of the century mansion is enough to make you want to stop and put your feet up on the wrap around porch.   The mansion boasts 7 fireplaces,  2 sets of stairs (servants and residents) and original stained glass windows.   It was built in 1909 and was the home of Robert Lazenby-the creator of Dr. Pepper…It is a BEAUTY!  If you EVER need replacement silver, fine china or crystal you have come to the right place.  Miss Dottie spent an hour and half with me as she told me secrets about the home, it’s history and the antiques it houses…She shared with me that First Lady Laura Bush stopped in one day to look for end tables…The First Lady even posed for pictures that are proudly displayed in the foyer!



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These are only a FEW of many pieces they have.  They do estate sales for the larger estates from Dallas to Houston.  I can tell you if you are looking for a particular item it is a good chance they have it….Every room in this mansion is FILLED with antiques and pieces  of all kinds..Here is what I came away with….the little ironstone pitcher will be perfect for my future display, the little tulip style bowls were calling out to me…the pinecone duck is so detailed you almost forget what it is made of and the miniature cattle was the perfect piece for me to remember this trip to Texas! 



Miss Dottie told me they do ship items so if you need a replacement for your collection -  give her a call-she will be happy to help.   Below is the contact info.   Miss Dottie told me they don't have a website because they just don't understand that internet .. gotta love it!  She was a jewel and I so enjoyed spending time with her………

Show and Tell Antiques –A GREAT FIND!!

1525 Morrow Ave
Waco, TX 76707
Toll Free: 1-800-486-5372


  1. I have that very same white pitcher. It belonged to my parents and they had it for as long as I can remember. Do you have any history on it?

  2. Marla-i do not have any history on the pitcher--i just love it! it has some little detail that makes it so delicate...

  3. i'd love to take an antiquing trip through texas--so many great destinations! going to watch your blog for more posts.

  4. When I said drive a hour 1 way,guess where...Spice Village,Jutes...for Annie Sloan. yeap I lived in Waco for a while(Hubby masters Baylor) so now if you ever come down I35(take yur time,this intertate from Waco to San Antonio can be tough,with all the work going on..but in Belton their is a street Central with several fun shops..Moore and Garrett is where I sell my stuff...100 year old building., world is a small world.


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