April 21, 2011

A New Find...you will L-O-V-E and an update......

          Rachel from Farmhouse 425   
blogged about this perfect little bag she just received in the mail....
I LOVE it in so many ways....
the simple white linen, the handle to hang from a knob--dresser, door, or cabinet......
So I had to find one.....
And...here they are....
I LOVE Jane's tag line--Spreading Happiness One Bag at a Time...
I agree-how can you not smile and be happy when looking at this.....off to order one or two  and pick up some baby's breath to fill it with......

Now for an update...Sorry for the poor quality of the picture below...but once all the work is complete you will have some great shots...I have NEVER worked so hard on a project....the bedroom makeover...and this Sunday will be the reveal to my family.....
new floor,
new paint,
new bed,
 new dressers,
new curtains,
new bedspread,
new pillows,
new baskets,
 new night stand,
new closet doors.....
and lots of blood sweat and TEARS and blisters.....

here is a sneak peek ...
you can see a second dresser's leg peeking out from behind...
the one peeking out is my free roadside find--

I have removed carpet,
scrubbed concrete sub floor,
painted walls,
removed carpet floor tack strips--oh my... those are a tetanus shot waiting to happen..
purchased a new bed-painted it a great new color
 stripped, sanded, painted and antiqued dressers and a night stand until I had blisters on my fingers...
but tomorrow I will put it all together and exhale......
and then take pictures and share it with all of you........
and you will see bits and pieces of you in my project-
because that is where the inspiration came from...all of you.......
your projects,
your helpful hints,
your photos,
your painting tips,
your flooring tips,
your window curtain tips....
so stop back in and take a look at what you can do...
just wish I would have found that adorable bag above sooner so it could have made the photo shoot!  Oh well .....just have to take more pics once it arrives! 



  1. Wow-wee....you sure have been busy! I betcha it looks great. Can't wait to see the big reveal! Happy Easter Ya'll!

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  3. Chris, I cannot wait to see it and you need some rest! And maybe some bandaids. ♥O

  4. Chris... it's such hard work, but in the end, when it makes you smile, it's all worth it. I know... been there done that, many times!
    I hope you have a very Happy Easter!

  5. Sounds to me like you are very
    talented and very busy! It is
    worth it when it's finished though!
    Thank you for your kind words on
    my Flora Doora bags! I enjoy making them, and Rachel has displayed hers in the perfect way!

    Flora Doora


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