October 23, 2010

Some things are meant to be…found on the side of the road!

My sister and I took our other sister to Chicago for a birthday celebration and dining at some GREAT restaurants.. As  we were driving to pick up our birthday sister (about 10 minutes into our trip) i see the sign below….we all love seeing this sign don't we?  As I sighed and said okay...how far will this take us out of our way...........

I noticed something ahead on the SIDE OF THE ROAD....yes…this dresser below was left on the side of the road…now you always hear about people finding such things…but that NEVER happens to me..check her out!!  She was too big for my car so I called Mr. Midwest Cottage and Finds and said in my nicest voice…honey…can you please leave your work meeting and go to this address to pick up something they have thrown out for the garbage…and can you do it right now as I KNOW it won’t be there long….please?  Needless to say he scooped her up and she is ours now!

P1010563_edited-1 P1010564_edited-2 She has 4 drawers behind the 2 cabinet doors….

P1010565_edited-1 Look at this detail—Mr. Midwest Cottage and Finds can fix this little basket handle….P1010566_edited-1 Look at this great hardware!  I just love her and CANT WAIT to get my hands on her…..once I unpack from my trip…and finish up my fireplace project….and redo a stenciling mishap….. time to make a list!


  1. That is a GREAT find! I love the drawers behind the doors. I'm sure she will be a beauty when you are done.

  2. Fabulous find! It's amazing what people will throw away. I think she is a beauty.
    xo, Sherry

  3. That is so much awesomeness I can barely stand it! Our current entertainment center was a side of the road find as well. Solid teak! I love these stories


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