October 7, 2010

UPDATED----The Dresser Project-Part One & Two & Three

So here is the dresser I have been struggling over—do I paint it or not?  I am really committed to all white-so you know what the answer is…AND  sometimes we must just jump right in…well…..I jumped all right..My assistant (below)
and I started this journey with some paint de-glosser….
And we found some history about this piece while working on it…
I have a great story about this dresser—it has been in my husband’s family for  years…more about that later…..

so I started doing a dry brush technique I had been reading about..I figured it would look a little better once I sanded and painted a bit more...


 So I pulled out the Gorilla Glue and clamps to do some repair work--and maybe get a new perspective on the technique I was trying...


New perspective now?…Nope…..but the drawers are all repaired!

 At this point I was beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel…then it happened....

My husband came out in the garage and said…hmmmmm…I’m just not seeing it honey….And i said—wait let me add the knobs…maybe that will help…….oh my…..I had to agree..I just was not seeing it either....

 so……. I decided to start over…at 10:00 p.m. last night…..because I wanted to get a good coat of  paint on it last night and then one more in morning before I left for work......so I could start some sanding after work......

And then something happened after a couple sanding sessions....…I started seeing it


and seeing it….
IMG_5979_edited-1 and maybe even liking loving it!
I think we might have something……

So-I must say at 10:00 p.m. tonight I am MUCH happier than I was at 10:00 p.m. last night….and tomorrow I will do the big reveal and share the family story about this little beauty….but for now I must hit the sack…4:45 a.m. comes VERY early…Night all! 

****UPDATE****Good morning and finally---drum roll please.........The reveal--
The key is sanding....Sand with a medium grit paper or block and sand where you the natural wear would occur...edges, sides.....I also sanded off the key holes to add a bit of detail also.....
Yes-she is back in the house and I am enjoying her....Now for a little history lesson... She was in my husband's childhood basement for years and his parents decided to put her to use in their bedroom-but wanted her in their closet.  This would have probably been in the early 1960's...She was a little too big for where they wanted to place her so they sawed off her legs--wooden wheels and all-and sawed off a bit of her top also..on each side.  You can still see some of the saw markings on the top sides-I purposely left them there for the history factor......Now she has come full circle....back in a house..holding a place of importance but sadly missing those great legs and wooden wheels..What's a woman to do!!  Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it and now I must run over to the MONTHLY DIY Club http://thediyclub.com/calendar-of-events-2/ to enter her into their monthly contest....Come along and enter also--you know you want to!!!! See you there! 
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  1. Christine! wow, it looks great! Way to go. I am starting my cabinets tomorrow. I have removed the handles and filled a hole in each. (as I am switching to knobs) I plan to start removing the doors and drawer fronts tonight. Tomorrow, I will sand them to remove the shine, then hopefully get the first coat of primer on the doors, drawers and front facings. We'll see!
    If you didn't link to my party today, you should! (I haven't checked out any of the links yet)

  2. What a great transformation! I am loving it too! Lezlee

  3. i think you have done a great job on this chest, taking out its drawers and revamping it a great thing to restore it for storage needs,

  4. I love the chest in white! You did a great job and I love seeing all the step by step photos. ITA about how scary it is to paint a piece of furniture.

    We are wondering if we should paint or purchase a new bedroom set, that's how scary it is for Hubby and I and the cost is a huge factor in our decision.

  5. I see it too dear! and loving it even more used as what it would not be normally used for. I love that you have used it as and end table, my kind of style. As my post shows me using my buffet as an entry way table.

    Just remember there are no mistakes in shabby :)
    Only great out comes :)

  6. It looks great and you even had time to stage it for the pics!

  7. You did a great job! I hate when I'm not 'feeling it' and kike you I hve to take a break or walk away for inspiration to come.

  8. Makes a great addition to the room. Like how your using it as a side table. Great for storing all the little things. Looks great! The key holes are charming!

  9. A beautiful piece with a great history. You should be proud.


  10. I love it! It turned out beautiful!

  11. I LOVE IT!!! I too want to try the dry brush technique...but I think what went wrong is that you need multiple layers...from what I've learned, not DONE! :) Anyhow, it was a blessing in disguise! Your dresser is BEAUTIFUL!!!! LOVEEE IT!

  12. It turned out awesome! Just think how much you learned with this little project! That's what I keep telling myself when things don't go as planned. :)

  13. this is great! My favorite part is the key holes, actually. It adds such interest!

    Thanks commenting on my post at bugaboo, mini, mr & me. I'll definitely be highlighting your blog soon.

  14. It's amazing how different it looks! Nice job! Thanks for linking up to the DIY Project Party monthly contest! :)


  15. This looks beautiful...what a fabulous transformation. Thanks for joining the DIY party!

  16. What a great transformation. Love the distressed white - the corners and edges are perfect! Fantastic piece. Thanks so much for linking up! Hope you have a wonderful week! Stephanie Lynn

  17. Oooohhh! So pretty! Great job on the distressing! :)


  18. It looks beautiful! You were right to let the piece tell you what it needed. :) shaunna

  19. This looks fabulous! These kinds are my favorite - and white just makes them more perfect. Well done. You must love it!

  20. I admit, I was skeptical at first when I saw that pretty wood. But I love the results and I would definitely appreciate the new finish more than the wood in my own decor. Great job!

    I just featured a link to this project on my blog today.

    from www.TrashToTreasureDecorating.com


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