September 25, 2010

Relics in Peoria Illinois -- Happy Birthday!

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a shop filled with the items you love (insert picture of me here green with envy) you know how important shop anniversaries are and they MUST be celebrated! That is what my favorite store in Peoria Illinois is doing today...and I thought I would give you a tour of their cool stuff.......and by they way Happy 3rd Anniversary Relics!!

I have been stalking this sign about as long as I stalked my PB coffee table.....

Love a collection of vintage glass!

Have one...want another!

Ribbons Galore!

This is REALLY a neat piece...might have to go back....

I love this shop!

And for those of you who know KNOW how I feel about CAST IRON Fireplace Summer Covers--see my post below...
So-if you are anywhere near Peoria stop in Relics at 3410 NE Adams or check them out online at
Enjoy--they are a GREAT find!

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  1. wow! it looks like a great shop!
    Thanks for the very kind words you left as a comment about my blog. I'm so glad that I inspired you to start your own blog. I plan to start my kitchen (mini makeover) very soon. White cabinets. I'm really excited to change it up, it's too dark in there.
    good luck with yours!


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