September 26, 2010

Flea Market Sunday

Well it was not the greatest Flea Market-but I still came away with a few good finds!

Couple great old books (can't pass up a vintage book with a blue cover)--the top one is a 1931 Chicago Public School Spelling Book with this great picture inside the front cover.....
What  a great shot!  Check out the man's coat....
 Will probably end up doing a little something like this with them....

Also picked up a couple metal industrial type me some vintage letters...will add to my collection for display at a later date!  Happy Sunday everyone......


  1. I just typed a really long reply email and then noticed you are a no-reply comment@blogger. So I will copy and paste my reply here:
    My kitchen is fairly dark. I only have one small window, and that window has a huge patio cover. Therefore I get no light at all. I'm hoping painting the REAL OAK cabinets white will brighten it up.
    I am almost ready. I have all the stuff. I have the primer, paint, sprayer, compressor.... Just afraid to start. I want them to look good. I feel this way EVERY time I start a DIY home improvement. I felt that way about my living room makeover, and my bedroom makeover.
    I also have a knotty pine wall that I will be painting! wooohoooo!

    Did you notice that other blogs are now painting their white cabinets other colors? I think I'm always a trend behind. :) But I seriously doubt I will ever want them anything but a light color. Right now, it's a sunny day, and I have to turn the light on when I go in there.

    Keep me posted how it goes for you!

  2. Old books are a weakness of mine..I have a shelf and a windowsill full of them! I don't have as many great old letters...but I do search for them! Love the ones you picked up!

    Popped over from Debra's VIF...
    Tammy :-)

  3. LOVE the letters!! Love um!! WOW! Great price too!! Great blog!

  4. Love your blog! I too LOVE Flea Markets (thrift stores, garage sales, curb shopping)! I actually am a big furniture junkie! Taking old unloved things and turning them into funky stuff is my passion! So much so, I turned it into a business! I love finding like minded people, its very cool!


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