September 23, 2012

Market on Moss

Yesterday was our second Market on Moss...This event was started by a few people in our town who liked to make things, re-purpose items, paint, bake or had an interest in sharing whatever their talents happen to be....We all were drawn to a little vintage shop in our town-Relics-where individually we would talk to the owner about creating a "market" style show.......Meetings were scheduled and one of our "creators" offered up her yard at her home for the venue....PERFECT setting and location!!  Jan's yard is VERY large, wonderful historic location of town, has a perfectly placed driveway to use as an entrance and walkway...and an old carriage house to die for.....and here we are less than a year later winding up from our second show...Best part for me-- my very talented daughter-in-law and I work together to make our booth full of the perfect items at these events. ..Yesterday was VERY successful....So successful that I did not have time to take pics during the event--but a few of  these were taken at our booth during our early morning set up........And i am thrilled to to say--only a couple items made it back home after the sale....I will be posting pictures of those soon here and on my face book page-
in case anyone is interested in them.....and also pictures of my new pieces as I finish them up!!
Thanks to all of those who came out yesterday.....
...our next Market on Moss will be held in June 2013.... 

I could have sold 10 of these dressers--pic below---after she sold soo many people were wanting her....Noted for next year!!! the pic below does not have the mirror on her--look at a couple of the pics above to see her with the mirror--she was beautiful!!


  1. A fellow person in Illinois!! Woohooo!! I'm a woman who is on the move as much as possible seeking out vintage inspiration. In fact, this weekend I am headed up to Allegan, Michigan for their antique market. As my husband says, "the wheels on my car never stop rolling!" Thanks for posting when the next market is. I will keep in touch so I don't miss out! By the way I am your newest follower and would love to have you drop on by my blog! My latest posts have been about Junk Bonanza!

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