June 7, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Make Over On Metal

I picked this little beauty up at an estate sale...it was FILLED with mouse droppings, remainders of a mouse house, old screws, bolts and nuts....and a lot of other unidentifiable goodies..believe me these  BEFORE pictures are AFTER several hours of cleaning....

While I LOVE the vintage color in these pics--in real life--it was not as pretty.....So I sanded, sanded and sanded a little more and decided to prime with a rust blocking primer....Then I added a little water to a small amount of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey-and painted the container....Then went with Old White for the drawers......and added my favorite little stamped numbers!!  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint really covered the metal well....It has the vintage look I was going for........in a great new industrial grey color......

Sorry for the crappy pictures....getting ready for a BIG Ol' Sale Saturday!! Moss Avenue Sale is to Peoria, Illinois what Round Top is to Warrenton, Texas!   Will share pics!

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  1. This turned out great! Hard to believe, from those before photos. I'm not sure I would have seen the potenial in it like you did.

  2. Thank you Melisa--now the next time you are at an estate sale you have a new item to watch for!!

  3. Chris... you really had your rose colored glasses on when you tackled this project!
    I can't believe it's the same piece!


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