August 14, 2011

Urban Remains Chicago --- Pretty Cooool Find!!

 "urban remains deals exclusively in the reclamation and recycling of American antique architectural artifacts and other oddities found among commercial and industrial buildings or residential structures. Our website collection of over 11,000 recovered artifacts dates between the mid-19th century and the late 1960's. We do not deal in new or reproduction building materials"
I stopped in a couple weeks ago---take a peek......they are in a huge old brick building in downtown chicago-with on street makes a stop a bit easier!

Not sure what the silver item is below--but i always think of the Tin Man when i see it!

The stained glass hanging from the ceiling--to die for!!  Great deep colors and designs...

How great would this look on a huge wall  as the anchor with other vintage signs surrounding it??

Great architectural pieces galore! --check out PHIL in the background!!
Vintage sessions....nough said..................


Miss Mustard Seed would go ga-ga over this gal.....

it is almost visual vintage over load...on second such thing!

vintage maps!!!!

Gotta love the Colonel!!

The dentist sign --put it in the vintage sign collection!!
This is the type of place you can lose time in---every piece tells a story and you will hear yourself saying over and over---LOOK AT THIS!!!  I did not leave with anything this trip but on a previous trip  i did find the perfect summer cover for our fireplace ---the guys that run the store are great -- helped me figure out over the phone what size i needed and what would look best......

If you ever have to find that "special" vintage have found your place!
you can check out their inventory on their is listed above in the sign......their website gives great detail about the historic locations and buildings they are currently working on--construction time periods, artifacts they are reclaiming, specific history on finds....very interesting....Worth the drive if you are ever near the Chicago area....a pretty cool find......

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  1. What a great and interesting place and no reproductions!


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