February 13, 2011

Great Find-Habitat for Humanity Store-Does your city have one?

Doing a little copy cat project from The Lettered Cottage-and needed some new closet doors so I decided to try our Habitat for Humanity Store.  Local contractors donate left over goodies and things they find in renovations-as well as anyone who would like to donate items...then they are sold and the proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.  Well--you know it is going to be a cool place when this is the first thing you see....

$5.00!! And look at the GREAT tile this old building has.......

This chair-$5.00--what a great piece to practice upholstering on!

They have lighting and sinks galore--must of them....$5.00!!!

This guy came home with me......wooden wheels...great hardware under the seat....his price....
$5.00.................A great find!!


  1. yep, we have one, but it is outrageous! I know the money goes to a good cause, but it seems to me it would be better to sell a lot for a little than to ask an outrageous price and have it sit there.
    Our chandeliers are 25 and up. That chair would have been about 35 at our store.
    I posted a few months ago about some elmer's glue bottles that they were asking $1.50 each. crazy!
    Glad you got a great deal on that chair!

  2. Yes, we have one but the prices have gone up recently. Too many people are aware of the good deals to be found. That wing chair would be at least $40 or more, here. Looks like you found some great deals. Very cool vintage chair!If you've ever priced them at Pottery Barn... you know what I mean. Yay, for the awesome chair :) Happy Valentine's Day! xo

  3. really great find!


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