February 12, 2011

So jealous! Look where my son and daughter-in-law are spending the day…..


That's right…as I sit here in the Midwest thaw I get a text with this attached……They decided to go for a short drive to Hillsboro Antique Mall in Hillsboro, Texas….I thought..Hillsboro….I know who has a shop there…

Robelyn—Red Neck Chic…….http://redneckchic.blogspot.com

If  you have not checked out her blog—please do so—you will enjoy her wit and talent….and for those of us who are not a stones throw away from her shop……..gotta love etsy….


A GREAT find!!



  1. I came by from RobUhLyn's after seeing your comment. I love her and I think I'm jealous too...and I just live in Dallas!

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank YOU!!! I wish I had known they were going to be there - I would have gone to share my duct tape!!! I can't WAIT to meet you!!!

    I hope they enjoyed the mall - the owners are FANTASTIC!!!

    Thank You - and have a beautiful week-end!!!
    ;-D robelyn


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