November 14, 2010

Antiquing in Texas Part 3 Honey’s Home Plus Style

If I was Oprah this would be one of my favorite things…. I LOVE this place….Once again—like Miss Dottie (see previous post-part one) Honey is a  TEXAS JEWEL! She spent 45 minutes to an hour walking me thru her store sharing her story on how she came to be.  She started in what would be about 1/3 of the space she has now and has taken over more of the building as her business has grown.   Her husband Jeff works with her rebuilding, repairing and reinventing some of their finds…..Her story in an interesting one and is on her website:

You HAVE to go to her online gallery on the website—and believe me the pictures are only a SMALL percentage of the interesting things you will find there…her furniture is (in Oprah’s excited voice) BEAU--TI--FUL!!!!  This showroom is worth the drive if you are ANYWHERE near Waco……you will not be disappointed…Her couches, chairs, tables, bedding would make a house a home….Below are a few of my finds. She has smaller items also like the ones I purchased…from my FIRST of what will be MANY visits at Honey’s Home Plus Style….one more note-- after paying for my purchases Honey picked up my bags and walked them out to my car for me as we continued visiting…she didn't miss a beat….this is a GREAT FIND!!  Enjoy!!

IMG_6199_edited-1 Here is my wire basket with wooden handles and galvanized insert…already have it placed in my home! I love, love, love it! IMG_6202_edited-1 One more view…did I tell you I LOVE it?

IMG_6208                                       Wooden handles….PERFECT!

I purchased a mercury glass knob for one of my little tables…IMG_6217 IMG_6236_edited-1                                           Also already placed in my home…

And here are some mini wooden clothespins I picked up for a project I am working on….i have several vintage frames from the decorating I did for my son’s rehearsal dinner… time to reinvent them…


IMG_6244_edited-2 My mother on her wedding day…..….love the detail in this frame…used a little raffia ribbon to hang the items on….this is still a work in progress but needed to give you a sneak peek so you could see the pins from Honeys…


More tomorrow……I love me some Texas shopping :)

guess I’m not the only blogger who loves Honey’s—check out

Red Neck Chic’s post about Honeys—and there are pics!!


  1. What great finds! Don't think I've ever seen a mercury glass hardware. Very pretty! The frame is perfect! Love it all!


  2. I love that mercury glass knob! I will be hopping on over to check out "Honey's" next....

  3. Oh my gosh - isn't she FANTASTIC?! Next time you go - let me know and I will meet you there!!! I love her store... and her! That knob is FUN! I have to go get one.... hmmm...

    ;-D Thank You!

  4. These are some great finds!! love that mercury glass knob. Thanks for linking up to SFS! -shaunna :)

  5. I love that frame, it's so pretty and the detail is awesome!
    Have a wonderful week!
    PS Found you through cottage instincts :)


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