September 8, 2010

So here are my finds from last weekend. There is something that draws me towards groupings...when i put all of these in the back of my car I thought....hmmm...they look nice just like this!! What I loved most was when I put the cigar box on a little table at home my daughter opened the box and said the inside is the coolest part of this box! Yesss--my love for the unusual has been passed down...and i will post a picture of the cigar box propped open on my little table I just painted and antiqued--so stay tuned!!


  1. Yay, Chris! So happy you have a blog I can follow now. Happy hunting & decorating!
    Oh, and this is Marci, not Jeff. LOL!

  2. Thanks Marci!
    Small town auction tomorrow--they are usually the best! Will post some pictures....


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