March 18, 2011

Master Bedroom Project Update

I have purchased the new flooring, brought it home and have it sitting in the house for a couple of days to get used to our room temperature until we install it….the manufacturer suggested this….


It is a hickory color—I like the different shades..




I must say—I am so impressed at all of you who do these type of projects with a smile  :) and make it look so easy…This has been a LABOR of love and many long hours up to this point and I am NO way close to being finished…here are a few of you who give me inspiration and shoot me a few kinds words just when I seem to need them most….thanks ladies and I am happy to be able to call you my friends….. 

Gail at



Michelle at  :


Robelyn at



Olive at


and Michelle at :

Thanks  to my fellow bloggers and to YOU for reading this…you keep pushing me the finish line!!! Now back to project at hand….painting…..painting…..and more painting….


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  1. Chris! thanks for the shout out! When it's all done, you will be giddy! I promise!
    The floor is pretty easy! I only ruined one piece when I did jamie's floor and that was because it was a really narrow "notch". It fell off my work table and broke! :(
    good luck! :)
    make sure you take lots of breaks! hahaha


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