January 23, 2011

What would you bid on at this auction?

Next Saturday I am going to an estate auction about an hour from my home….for 2 reasons…..I like this auctioneer..I  know him from attending so many of his auctions and # 2—here she is…


As I start the renovation of  my bedroom I think she will make the perfect side table for our bed…….a little makeover –chippy white with a bit of sanding…..here is the auction list-with more photos…what would you bid on?



  1. It's a darling table. It looks like a coat of paint would do it some good. Not sure on the bid. I wouldn't go higher than $45 but I'm thrifty. Have fun at the auction! xo

  2. Hi Chris, Curiosity got the better of me and I clicked over to the auction. The dry sink next to your table was cute. Your little table looks pretty rough in it's present state, I'll bet you don't have to pay a whole lot for it. My guess? $25 or less... Have fun and stay warm. Blessings,Kim


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