January 13, 2011

Trunk Project Update-Wood Slats

I have been using the following on the wood slats-plus an original wipe down with Murphy’s Oil Soap…….In this order:
Wipe down with Murphy's with a rag or cloth
A gentle sanding with the sandpaper block
Wipe down with Kramer’s Best with a rag or cloth
Let dry over night
Brush on light coat of stain with a Purdy Brush—I use my ol’ faithful Purdy brush…..
Dry over night…..the next step is a finish with Tung Oil and Mineral Spirits…that will take place this weekend……

Ol’ Faithful…..
Here is a before shot of one of the slats:
and after—it is a little difficult to see the richness that has been brought out in the wood—i will try to get some better pictures this weekend with the natural light….the wood is really transforming…..
Hope you all are having a great Thursday late night—one more day till the weekend!!

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  1. this is a great piece! can't wait to see when you're finished.
    I love a good purdy!
    have a great weekend,


..thanks for taking the time to comment.....I appreciate your feedback....