January 26, 2011

Ever change your mind?

So I was in love with this little beauty for a bedside table..Envisioned her a little chippy white.....
But then I saw this on Layla's "The Lettered Cottage's Blog" and fell in love-love!  I love the single drawer and double doors and the legs.....So now the hunt begins....Also this option would offer more storage...something that is a MUST with every furniture piece that is in a home built on a slab..........So now this picture is on the vision board...with a couple of others.....for the bedroom makeover.....


  1. good luck on your hunt! that's a nice inspiration photo!
    still love the other table!

  2. I can definitely see why you changed your mind. Nothing against the other table because I have one. Oh, and sorry I changed my bid the other day. I didn't want you to think I was insulting the table, haha!

    Good luck finding a piece like this. It's super cute!

  3. me? change my mind?? well, i never!! can't ya just see me rolling on the floor laughing?! ;) if i had to count the number of times my inspiration has changed.. well, i'd rather have a dollar for every time!! i must say, i absolutely love both of your inspirations! either would be just lovely! [Layla can find some FINDS can't she!?!]


..thanks for taking the time to comment.....I appreciate your feedback....