January 28, 2011

The Bold and Beautiful Blog Review!!


So many bloggers are going to Blissdom, do you feel left out? MeaganDVD, and Gail from My Repurposed Life do! They have come up with a plan to keep us busy while the others are living it up in Nashville!  Kim @ Today’s Creative Blog recently did a great series over at her Blog Frog Community where bloggers were invited to “critique” others’ blogs.  Gail thought it was a great idea and  she told MeganDVD about it and they thought it would make a great blog hop!
Here’s what you do-write a short post (or use this blurb ) explaining to your readers that you are joining in “The Bold and the Beautiful-your blog reviewed” .  Invite your readers to lovingly critique your blog. Link up to the blog hop and get a critique from gail@mrl and meganDVD@beauty in the attempt. If you link up your blog, please visit some of the other participants and gently critique their blog. Sometimes it helps to have a set of “fresh eyes” look at your layout etc.  We would love it if you join in the blog hop and paste the code to your site. 
Important Link Notes:
  • For the url please copy and paste the url for the post that you have written specifically for this party.
  • For “name” please enter your blog’s name.
  •  For the thumbnail, please choose your blog’s button or your profile picture when prompted.
Here's your link:
One lucky winner will receive a premade blog design of their very own, that will be customized by one of the great ladies, over at Designer Blogs!


  1. Hello my dear! I am thrilled that you have linked up. How fun! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color scheme you have going on. It is soothing and serene...it hints at all the yummy goodness that awaits the reader. I love how you have organized your blog. I think it allows your reader to find any information. My gentle suggestion is to allow your reader to comment while seeing the post. I opened another post of yours so I can refer back to you as I write. I think this allows your reader to stay on your post and really absorb all your fabulous ideas/project. Keep the blogger blogging on you. :)

    Hope to hear from you and see more of you soon. Let me know if Gail & I can be any help in your virtual playground.

    I hope this is the beginning of more than just a linky...but maybe even a friendship. :)


  2. HI!
    I found your blog via the blog hop and wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your posts. Your photos are very clear and pretty and your no nonsense way of writing is a pleasure to read.


  3. HI there! I'm visiting from the blog hop. Your blog says "calm and peaceful" which I tend to associate with the cottage look. My gentle suggestion would be to have the older posts in the side bar, so that they catch the eye more quickly and show us what other wonderful things you have to share! :-) Please visit my blog, I'd love your input too!

  4. hey Chris! Love your blog! Generally I don't like the background behind the text, but for some reason your's blends and doesn't bother my eyes.
    I also like your header a lot!
    I recommend that your links open in a new window. I can tell you how in an email.
    I have never seen the popular posts, and whatever you have down there at the bottom. (I've already forgotten) I think it works really well.
    keep up the great work!

  5. Hi!
    found ya via blog hoppin'. :)
    nice blog! color scheme is very calm and enjoyed my visit. might wanna have comments on same page, for easier commenting for your readers. but overall, great job! {new follower!}
    many blessings,

  6. Hello!! congrats on the diy club news...that's awesome!

    I'm coming from the blog hop, so here goes...

    I got lost trying to post a comment because of the text that immediately follows your post. They are the same font and color, so I had to scroll back to find where I was going. Perhaps this is just because I have directional issues :)

    I also noticed at the top on the sidebar there is a lot of white space and three lines under the diy club button that seema little random.

    Otherwise, I think your blog is beautiful and look forward to reading more!

  7. Great blog, the calmness perfectly matches the "cottage" feel. That is one huge DIY club button at the top though, maybe it could be a little smaller? It kind of takes over your header.

  8. Hi there. Joining in on the Bold and Beautiful blog hop. I like how uncluttered your blog page is and the simpleness of the background. Since you're blog is all about the wonderful things you've found, I'd love to see more pictures. Maybe a photo collage under the header?


..thanks for taking the time to comment.....I appreciate your feedback....