December 23, 2010

Home Tour

As you come down the lane to our home….IMG_6623_edited-1
You are greeted by our Frosty the Snowman…He keeps watch over our drive……
Continue up the walk and you will pass by some of the plant stands and baskets  purchased this past year at  auctions that I have  painted and stenciled…
Continue to the front door –peek into the window…
At the door you will see…a great auction find—my vintage sled …it was about $5.00 and another planter picked up for less than a dollar-painted and stenciled…
At the door you are greeted by and old world Santa..a gift from my sister…love his face….
Come in and place your gloves, purse and keys on the bench next to Scoops…my kids think he is weird…I like to say “eclectic”
….hang your coat on the hook of a vintage leaded glass window we made into a coat rack…
read the sign….keep Christmas in your heart all year long…how great would that be….
Take a look around the living room……you will see the tree…this is the first year we did not cut down our tree…she was purchased off a local lot….while i missed the fun of cutting a tree down..i enjoyed the time saved by pulling up to a lot and loading her up…….
IMG_6543_edited-1 complete with presents….I LOVE to match my wrap and ribbons..always purchase on 12/26….and put them away for long winters nap!
Under the tree sits my childhood chalk ware nativity scene…no Baby Jesus until Christmas…family tradition….
Next to the tree is my husband’s favorite piece in the house..his vintage safe…i store fun little things in it….
and on top is a couple of my favorite things…a mixture of old and new..My older children’s Christmas mice---close to 25 years old…(they are banks that were given away by our local credit union when you opened up a Christmas Club am i dating myself)…..along with my grandchildren’s favorite dancing elves, Santa, and snowmen…..a vintage 12 months old!  

Turn and you will see our mantle…It was in my husband’s grandparent’s farm house..We secured it to the wall and tiled around it—this is not a real fireplace-just a wall—shhh…my secret…found a great cast iron summer cover to finish it off.  IMG_6342_edited-2
complete with a painted, antiqued picture frame i worked on this summer…LOVE the detail in old frames….IMG_6346
my favorite PB basket..and a better look at the fireplace cast iron summer cover….
a chalkboard message…
and shelves on both sides of the fireplace…both with frames purchased this summer—painted and antiqued…
Walk into the dining room….and you will see….
LOVE the tree reflection in the window at night..

IMG_6370_edited-2 a few shots of some of  my vintage Christmas collection…

A cabinet on the other side of the room…
with another project chalk board…complete with most of  T’was the night before Christmas! Need a bigger board or smaller printing!
and for those with a detailed eye—yes—that is an autographed James Taylor guitar hanging on the wall of my dining room…one of my favorite pieces..but I also adore my glitter reindeer…
One more side table and small stand complete the room…this is going white after the holidays…..
Turn and walk into my kitchen…
and see a Santa hidden in a basket of white ware…..
My kitchen opens up into my family room…this is a real fireplace ;) …getting new mantel soon…purchased barn siding that came with some great old wood beams….just screaming to be a mantel….
IMG_6323_edited-1 sewing machine drawer….repurposed…
IMG_6591_edited-1 This is the dresser I made over this summer…2 times..great blog story about it..   complete with vintage typewriter…
IMG_6590_edited-1IMG_6600_edited-1 Great little stool—another auction find….
my favorite dresser…all dressed up!  This is also going white once the holidays are over…
On top the dresser-my Christmas music box – I painted this about 25 years ago….one of my children’s favorites..Santa and Mrs.. Claus wind up and go around in a circle as the music plays…
IMG_6592 Wall decor…auction finds….
Love RED!..and an old State Fair ribbon…how great is that?
IMG_6581_edited-1 One of my card displays –once again vintage frame—summer project…..looks a little busy—but no so much in person…..
IMG_6582 it’s in the details….
Stop by the guest bathroom on your way out…red, white, crisp….need i say more?
Can’t wait to see your home…now off to……….well you know—you have your list to complete also!!
Merry Christmas….and stop by again real see if those pieces really do get painted white after the holidays….now that I have thrown that out there I will must do it!!--
I am linked up with the CSI Project-- their button is above on the right and Funky Junk Interiors --check Donna and her VERY cOoL blog out at  Enjoy--they are BOTH great finds!!


  1. Love it!! Cant wait to get there!!! I can smell your house at Christmas, even thru your blog!!! The kids are so excited for Grandma's tomorrow!!!!! Love you!

  2. What a fun tour! Sorry it took me so long to get to you, because you had so many great ideas! Love all of your sweet touches, especially the credit union banks! jules

  3. Wow! I love all of it! The safe is awesome, your chalkboard projects are great, your berry vines are to die for, and that cabinet that's all lit up on the inside?!? LOVE IT! What a fun Christmas house you have! Thanks for sharing!

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