December 29, 2011

Favorite Christmas Decor of This Year.....

As I start the LONG process of putting Christmas away for another year I wanted to share a few of my favorite decorations and photos of this year...........This is how it all began the day after Thanksgiving......and within a few days I had the finished product........

 I hope all of your holidays were as wonderful as mine....we were blessed with a new granddaughter on 12/16....and how I have enjoyed the past 2 weeks.....but now as the 2012 begins--- we all know---time to get into our projects--top of my list--this beauty below....It is a vintage child's chifferobe.....This is a pic from the sale I picked it up you can see they wanted $50.00.....took my chances and waited till the next day when everything was 50% off and it was still there---

 Also picked up this BEAUTY at the same sale--at 50% off day also...This is now painted and in my daughter-in-laws nursery awaiting the arrival of my NEXT granddaughter in February...I will get you some pics of this in will be used as her changing table....

Can't wait to see what everyone else has in store for the up coming year!! 
Annie Sloan is making some stops in several states in 2012!! 
Is she coming to a city by you??  
I hope she has a Chicago stop on her list--it is only a few hours from me and I would LOVE to do a workshop with her!!!
If anyone has heard please let me know......until later--enjoy!!!



  1. Your decorations are wonderful. Happy New Year, Olive

  2. wow! great decorations. Love your pics!
    I don't know anything about Annie's tour.
    Happy New Year Chris!!!

  3. Beautiful photos. Enjoyed seeing all the holidays photos. :)

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