July 7, 2011

One Kings Lane & Million Dollar Decorators

Have you checked out Million Dollar Decorators yet on Bravo?  
It is a interior design show featuring 5 big name designers, their work and personal life--LOVE IT!!  the most recent episode followed Martin Lawrence Bullard (could listen to him talk all day long)  to London to find 100 items for a special container sale on One Kings Lane--it was pickin at it's finest--Now while most items are a bit (really a BIG BIT) out of my price range-
I must admit I might have jumped on one of these---had they not been sold out--PLUS i watched Martin on last nights episode purchase them at a great little antique store in London!! 
Here is the link to the goodies he picked up for the sale....
While I don't watch a lot of TV I must admit--
I will be in front of the tube every Tuesday night for this design show..... VERY interesting and entertaining!  


  1. yep.. i'm a fan! :)

  2. I am usually thankful when things are sold out. I do learn from the site. I saw a rattan table selling there for three hundred dollars that I passed up a sale for fifteen dollars.


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