March 12, 2011

Auction Thursday!

I went to an auction last Thursday with my daughter–in- law who was visiting from Texas..we previewed  auction photos & both of us had our eyes on a couple of items….and they both (and a couple more items) went from the auction house……. to my house—I will deliver her items to Texas when I come for the Round Top Extravaganza!   Take a look at our finds:
Okay…I’ll admit Santa is a BIT rough..but the auction table was down to $3.00 for any item…how could you leave a vintage Santa for $3.00?……can’t you see him sitting in a vintage box with old ornaments and a few brown paper wrapped gifts with great vintage Christmas ribbon on them?
This vintage egg collecting basket will be heading to Texas to my daughter-in-laws… along with the great mixing bowl and some vintage silverware from the 1800’s…..
The top long wooden box – I will either stain or paint white and fill with glass votive candle holders and sit in the middle of  my dining room table…the bottom box was just too cool to leave behind….so that was our Thursday auction finds----now back to the bedroom project :) 


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  1. Looks like you came home with some great treasures. I wouldn't have passed up the Santa for $3, either. Love the old metal basket. I have one... think they call them clam baskets. Not sure? Anyway, great old box. I like your vision for it.
    Take care,
    Michelle :)


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