February 5, 2011

Grand theft? You have got to be kidding me!!

I have debated about blogging about this  –but figured this blog is about my life, my family, my passions and anyone that knows me knows animals are one of the aspects of my life i am  passionate about …..so here goes…An earlier blog told you about a puppy we found abandoned on our property…since that post several of us have experienced an emotional roller coaster that is hard to describe…..Last sunday a pup was found on our property-crying, shivering stuck in a frozen creek..We took him in, i posted puppy found signs and drove around looking for someone looking for their lost pup…By the end of the day we  figured no one was looking for the little guy---he must have been dumped…if  we had not found him and taken him in he would have never survived the night—the coyotes would have found him --no doubt or he would have frozen to death.   We kept him for a few days but knew this could not be permanent due to the fact that we already have 2 labs….so a friend of my daughter’s and her boyfriend asked if they could have him….they fell in love with him immediately and gave him a loving home…after we  de-wormed him..and i will save you that story due to it’s terrible content—but it was obvious wherever he was from he was not taken care of …we sent him on his way to his new safe ,loving, happy home……then last Thursday—several days after finding him and several days after the biggest snow storm our area has seen in over 30 years I get a call—from an obviously inebriated gentleman slurring his words and saying—I herd yous gots my daaaug……..I thought it was a joke-who speaks to a complete stranger like that?  Well, it was no joke….This man inherited  a small piece of property that backs into our property on a small corner several years back…..has not had a job for years-has the random car in the yard—you know the type…and lets just say milk is not his drink of choice……thank GOD he is way around the other side of several acres…..well  he claims at first the pup ran off with his other dogs never came home last sunday….HELLO THIS IS THURSDAY—we live in coyote invested timber-and we had 25 inches of snow dumped on us since then—and you are drunk!! He proceeds to tell me he wants his dauuggg—and I told him I already gave it to a couple after no one claimed it….To make a long story a little shorter…he gets in touch with the couple-they realize he is a little less than a responsible  pet owner and offer him a LARGE amount for the pup-not wanting to send it back to this shack dweller  straight out of the movie Deliverance …my words—not theirs….he refuses..the next 24 hours my phone rings off the hook-threats towards me if i don't get the dog back etc….I call our local animal control officer and explain the situation… and guess what—she knows of this man and all of his animals that are not registered and that run wild all the time…she begs—do not give a puppy to this man…yess..we are thrilled!! Fast forward to yesterday….A Deputy calls me…….tells me he was told this puppy was STOLEN off this mans property and if i did not give it back immediately we --myself and the couple-- would all be charged with grand theft as the man told him this pup was a rare mix and worth well over $500.00---highly exaggerated—this is a blended mix pup !!  I was devastated… not only would this young couple be heart broken, a poor pup would be left to live in the outdoors of this man’s shack……I told the Deputy he had his facts incorrect and this man already had outstanding fines for neglect on his current dogs and no way was I giving him another animal to abuse…here is my address…. come arrest me……I also gave him the number of the animal control officer….She explained the situation—but was told we HAD TO GIVE THE DOG BACK—or go to jail…..She was so upset but promised me she would do weekly checks on the property to see the pup…i was in shock…is this the way this goes??? She picked up the pup from the couple….i called her and the officer again several times explaining this made no sense…give another animal to this drunk to abuse….it was just not right…this pup was dumped on our ground….not stolen…..please try to do something…..and she did….she called our states attorney office—spoke to the person in charge of animal control….they told her if this man has more than 5 dogs on his property he needed a kennel license….and could be fined $500.00 a DAY per DOG over 5—plus the dogs could be confiscated and he would be charged to have them kenneled until he had his kennel license which could take up to 2 weeks or longer…..but…..due to the circumstances they might offer him a one time deal to sell the pup to couple – and give him a week to get his other dogs in order before they start fining him—but he had to decide immediately or the offer was off the table….and guess what—HE TOOK THE DEAL to avoid thousands of dollars of immediate fines…I was jumping for joy when she called me---there is justice—and someone does care for the pups that cannot care for themselves…..I felt like it is Christmas all over----and I am sure this little guy does to!!  Now I can get back to my normal life…..whatever that may bring but i know tonight this little guy is sleeping in a warm, loving home like all pups should be allowed to do!! 


  1. You just made my heart drop and then soar again!
    There is very little quick justice in the legal system, but thank goodness you were brave enough to fight for it and won!


  2. whoa! I am so glad that ya'll did NOT give up and hooray for that woman to call the state's atty. :)
    whew! I wanted to stop reading, but kept thinking, surely there is a happy ending here.
    and thank goodness there is.

  3. well that was a roller coaster!! i was riding it right along with you.. so thankful for the happy ending, again, for the little guy! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, it is never easy to deal with a drunk. I am so glad this was resolved without you being arrested.


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