December 5, 2010

Christmas Vignette

I am linking up again for a little Christmas Party Blog Style..  and .....My vignette is simple-and includes a few favorites of mine…A new Santa purchased at Pottery Barn Outlet, a picture of my mother & father, an angel given to me by my best friend Marybeth, a candlestick found several years ago in an abandoned barn (not even sure what it is made of)  and a glass dome…These are placed on a table I recently painted & sanded ( complete with a mercury knob purchased at Honeys in Waco, Texas  along with a mirror I recently finished.   I also LOVE the fact that in the background of the pic of my father  you can see the stoop of my childhood home…That stoop was a fixture in my imagination as a child…Enjoy…
IMG_6352_edited-1 Love the silver glitter on Santa…
IMG_6357_edited-1  The brick stoop behind my father………
My beautiful mother…love the blouse she is wearing….
The mercury knob…and candlestick………..Merry Christmas…and wishes for warm evenings in your home……


  1. I adore your flower frogs with photos and cloche! Very vintage and fun vignette!


  2. This is a sweet display...I love photos in unexpected containers. Thanks so much for linking to the Christmas SFS! -shaunna :)


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